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New feature: License Upgrades

How to setup beat license upgrades


Soundee Fam! We're stoked to announce our latest new feature: license upgrades 🔥 This is an excellent option if your customer does not have the funds to go for an expensive license. This way, they can start with a cheaper license and upgrade later. They will only pay the difference between the license prices or a reduced price. In this article, we will walk you through the process of setting up upgrades for your licenses.

Please note that license upgrades is a PRO feature.

Enabling license upgrades

Go to studio > licenses and click on a license for which you want to set upgrade prices. We recommend starting with your cheapest license.

On the license edit page, scroll down until you see "License Upgrade Prices."

To enable upgrades for a license, you can enter a price. The price must be at least $1 and must be lower than the price of the license for which you are setting the upgrade price.

If you do not want to offer upgrades for a license, you can set the price to 0.

We've created a "SET DIFFERENCE" button to automatically calculate the difference between the license prices so that you don't have to do any calculations yourself. 😅

Do this for all your other licenses.

Deals & Discounts

After you've setup your upgrade prices for your licenses, you should decide which coupons and bulk discounts apply to license upgrades.

Go to studio > discounts. You should see the list of bulk discounts. Check the upgrade checkbox to include upgrades in the deal and click save.

Please think carefully about whether you allow bulk discounts with fixed prices for license upgrades. In some cases, the price of a bulk deal can be higher than buying them separately. For example, if an upgrade price from a Premium license to an Unlimited license is set to $30 and you have a "Buy 4 Unlimited licenses for $200" deal, then the deal would not be cheaper because 4 x $30 makes $120. Therefore, we recommend that you only include upgrades for "Buy x Get x Free" deals.

Scroll down and do the same for coupons.

That's it! You're all set up! 🎉

Your customers will now be able to upgrade their future purchased licenses. 👊

They will see the option "UPGRADE" next to each upgradable item on their receipt page.

When clicking the upgrade button, a license popup will appear with the reduced upgrade prices. This works both in the marketplace and in your embed store(s).

Keeping track of upgrades

You can keep track of how many license upgrades you've sold and how much you've earned in your studio overview.

Q&A (questions & answers

Q: What happens if I lower a license price? Will it affect my license upgrade prices?

A: Yes, it will. For example, if your Regular price is $30 and your Premium price is $75, and you have set an upgrade price for $45 and you lower your Premium price to an amount that's lower than the upgrade price then the upgrade price will automatically change to the highest possible price. So suppose you change your Premium price to $40, then the highest possible upgrade price would be $39. So always pay attention when you adjust your license prices and re-check all of your upgrade prices.

Q: If I lower a license price would it affect my customer's existing upgrade price(s)?

A: It depends. The upgrade prices of a purchased license are stored at the time of purchase. For example, if a customer purchases a Regular license for $30 and the upgrade price to a Premium license is set to $45, the customer can buy the Premium license for $45 at any time as long as the purchased item and license are available. If the producer lowers the Premium license price to $40, then the lowest price will be displayed for the customer at that time, so in this case, it would be $40. If the producer increases the Premium price again, then the original upgrade price of $45 will be displayed.


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